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North House Lake - Wyboston, Bedfordshire

Although referred to by the owners as Brawns Farm Lake, the club has always called it North House Lake, the Club has had fishing rights on North House since 1972.

The Lake is Four Acres and is Triangular in shape and aligns North to South. It has good marginal weed growth and many willows separate approximately 25 individual swims. the depth of North House Lake varies from 1 - 3 metres.

At one time the lake was one of the finest Crucian carp lakes in the area but by the late 1980's the Crucians were in decline, thought to be a result of unauthorised introduction of pike to the lake. Nevertheless, the bream, carp and tench stocks have flourished along with an increasing silver fish population.

In 1994/95 several hundred carp to 4lb were introduced to the lake to compliment the originals and these have flourished and help to keep weed under control. Once fish have been located and hooked they are usually nice specimen fish. In Addition to Carp to 35lb, Bream have been caught to double figures, and Tench average 4-5lb, Eels are also present with specimens of over 5lb being taken. North House Lake is open all year, In October 2017 we stocked the lake with 21 stunning C3 mirror carp which are known to grow on very quickly we look forward to seeing caught in years to come in 2021 these fish are being caught at 20lb+ Pictures of the fish when they were stocked along with the weights can be seen here. In 2021 we stocked 2 large carp one Mirror at 27lb 10oz and one Common at 26lb 4oz both named in memory of Club Secretary John Morris these fish are known as John's Common and John's Mirror.  In October 2023 we stocked an additional 50 c3 carp to bring the stocking levels up and we will continue stocking a few as years progress and some of the older carp are lost.

Bait Boats are no longer allowed at North House Lake. We ask members to be sensible with the quantity of bait used as excessive use can affect water quality and cause algal blooms.

NIGHT FISHING:- The venue may be fished into or through darkness by up to 8 members per night - Night fishing must be PRE BOOKED.


From 1st March to 31st October 2 nights are allowed Monday to Thursday only, Friday and Saturday nights are Single booking only (One Night) 

From 1st November to the last day of February 2 nights are allowed all week.


Night Bookings are made via text message. all the details are in the membership book or here

Third Rod Permit

The venue is 2 rods only between 1st April and 30th August. From 1st September to 31st March Three Rods can be used if a Third Rod Permit Upgrade is purchased along with your membership.

Barbless or Micro Barbed Hooks Only at North House Lake

This venue is located within the Wyboston Lakes Leisure complex.


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Parking close to the lake

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Toilet on Site (bring your own paper)

Aerial Drone Video of the lake

Mirror Carp - North House Lake
North House Lake Tench
North House Lake Bream
Carp Fishing - North House Lake
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