Night fishing is defined as from 1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise unless otherwise stated.  These are your arrival & departure times.  They are not stop and start fishing times.  

Night Fishing is included in the cost of your membership and you can Night Fish as many times as you want through the year, We do limit the number of spaces on Beckerings and North House as this gives members a more pleasurable night fishing experience and guarantees you a place.




North House Lake

Must be Pre-Booked at least 24 hrs in advance - Restricted to a maximum of 8 members per night. 2 Consecutive Nights Allowed between Sunday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday Nights are single bookings only

Anyone found fishing without being “booked on” faces expulsion.


Beckerings Reservoir

Must be Pre-Booked at least 24 hrs in advance - Restricted to a maximum of 10 members per night  and maximum of 2 Consecutive Nights allowed. Anyone found fishing without being “booked on” faces expulsion


South Lagoon, River Ouse at Wyboston

No Pre-Booking required, Max 2 nights


All Luton AC River Sections

No Pre-Booking required


Grand Union Canal Sections 1-5, 9b-10a and 15a

No Pre-Booking required - Club Members only - NO NIGHT FISHING FOR DAY TICKET HOLDERS


Kempston Lake

New Rule in force for 2020/21 season - A Maximum of 3 Consecutive nights may be fished in any 7 day period. This rule amendment supersedes the text in the membership book. NO PRE BOOKING IS REQUIRED AT KEMPSTON LAKE


Booking by text message is preferred however if you want to book by phone the best time to do so is in the evening.


To make a booking please contact the Night Booking Officer on 07940 229071 at least 24 hrs in advance.Block bookings are not accepted and you may make a booking up to 14 days in advance.


You must provide your name, membership number, venue and dates you want to night fish


If you try and book on later than 24hrs in advance we cannot guarantee a booking and you are not booked on unless you receive confirmation.


Failure to attend a booking without a reasonable explanation will result in a 28-day night fishing ban if you are unable to attend please drop us a text and let us know as we can then offer the place to another member.