Work Parties

Keeping the club venues in good condition takes a hell of a lot of time and effort, There is no way the club could afford to sub contract this work out to external companies as this would have a massive impact on the cost of membership.

All of the maintenance of club venues is carried out by volunteer members, our dedicated bailiff team and the committee. Unfortunately over the past few years the number of volunteers has declined and we now only see the same few faces at work parties.

If you can spare a few hours let us know, Work parties are good fun and a good way to get to know club officials and other members and find out more about our venues etc. 

We usually fire up the barbecue or stove at most work parties and provide bacon, sausage and egg rolls and the kettle is always on the boil.


If you want that bigger platform built or that annoying branch taken out from your favourite peg why not come along and help out.


This years planned work party schedule is listed below however there are often ad-hoc work parties through the year as the need arises so keep your eyes on our facebook page and the weekly news reports. We are also open to suggestions to how we can improve our venues.


If you want to contact our fisheries management team send a message via the contacts page.

2018/19 Work Party Schedule - dates are subject to change


Saturday 16th March 2019 – Biddenham

Saturday 30th March 2019 – Biddenham

Sunday 28th April 2019 - Lavendon


Saturday 18th May 2019 – Eaton Ford

Saturday 16th April 2019 – Wyboston & North House


Sunday June 2nd 2019 – Biddenham    



Saturday 29/02/20 Beckerings 


Sunday 15/03/20 Biddenham 

Saturday 28/03/20 Eaton Ford


Sunday 19/04/20. NHL

Saturday 09/05/20  Lavendon


Saturday 30/05/20 Wyboston 

Sunday  14/06/20 Biddenham                                


Other dates as required

Additional Dates may be added as required and dates/venues may change due to river conditions and inclement weather any changes will be announced via the website events calendar and our facebook and twitter social media pages.