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Work Parties

Keeping the club venues in good condition takes a lot of time and effort, There is no way the club could afford to sub contract all this work out to external companies as this would have a massive impact on the cost of membership.

All of the maintenance of club venues is carried out by volunteer members, our dedicated bailiff team and the committee. Unfortunately over the past few years the number of volunteers has declined and iys always the same few faces at the work parties.

Club members are encouraged to attend our work parties as it means we can get more done and avoid using expensive contractors that depletes club funds that we could put to better use for re stocking etc.

If you can spare a few hours let us know, Work parties are good fun and a good way to get to know club officials and other members and find out more about the venues. 


If you want that bigger platform built or that annoying branch taken out from your favourite peg why not come along and help out.


Upcoming work parties are listed below. We are also open to suggestions to how we can improve our venues.


If you want to contact our fisheries management team send a message via the contacts page.

To find out about any upcoming work party dates check our 

Events Calendar

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