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Beckerings Reservoir - Steppingley, Beds

Beckerings Park Farm Reservoir is a 5 Acre irrigation reservoir and has been fished by Luton AC members since 1987 with almost the entire stock of fish being introduced by the Club since that time.

At a glance the Club records will show the excellent fishing that Beckerings Reservoir can provide with Carp to 35lb, Bream to 9lb,Tench over 8lb, Rudd to over 3lb, Roach approaching 3lb and Pike to Mid-Twenties. We have also recently (December 2018) stocked Stillwater Chub, Barbel and Ide which are already providing good sport to members float fishing.

There are also a number of large catfish in the lake one of which is now around 65lb and these make regular appearances in our catch reports.

2022 UPDATE: We now have Otter Fencing around the reservoir to protect it from predation.

Fishing is available from the 27 platforms and the majority of these platforms are 8' x 6' and there are a few larger ones. The Fishery is open all year.

The water levels in the reservoir do fluctuate significantly during the summer due to the irrigation pumping that takes place, the fluctuations depend on the weather. In 1998 the level fell by 5 feet accounting for 6 Million gallons of the 24 million gallon capacity. When water levels are low it is possible to fish on the dried out lake bed in front of the platforms.The reservoir fishes very well throughout the year regardless of the water levels.

Barbless or Micro-Barbed Hooks Only at this venue!

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Parking Close to the Lake

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Toilet on Site

(Club Gate Key to Gain Access)


Aerial Video of the Venue - best viewed in Full Screen Mode

Bivvies and Shelters must be sited on the platforms whilst some of the platforms are quite large some larger bivvies may not be suitable for this.

Beckerings Luton Angling Club
Beckerings Reservoir - Tench
Beckerings Reservoir

NIGHT FISHING:- The venue may be fished into or through darkness by up to 10 members per night - Night fishing must be PRE BOOKED.


From 1st March to 31st October 2 nights are allowed Monday to Thursday only, Friday and Saturday nights are Single booking only (One Night) 

From 1st November to the last day of February 2 nights are allowed all week.


Night Bookings are made via text message. all the details are in the membership book or here


The venue is 2 rods only between 1st April and 30th August. From 1st September to 31st March Three Rods can be used if a Third Rod Permit Upgrade is purchased along with your membership.


Please be aware that shooting takes place around and near to the reservoir during the winter months. The venue will remain open for fishing on most shoot dates  More information can be found here

Beckerings Reservoir
Beckerings Bream
Beckerings Reservoir
Beckerings Catfish
Beckerings Wide.jpeg

The Reservoir at its low level (December 2019) - It is refilled during the winter - Fishing is good even when water levels are very low.

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Beckerings Roach.jpeg
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