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River Thames, Sonning, Berkshire

Our members can fish this stretch of the River Thames on a water share agreement with Barnet and District Angling Club. The venue consists of one and a quarter miles of the River Thames in Berkshire, species that can be caught at this venue are Barbel, Bleak, Carp, Chub, Dace, Gudgeon, Perch, Roach, and Pike. The banks are tree lined which gives some cover and some good fish holding areas.


The downstream boundary is just upstream from St Patricks Stream, the first ten pegs give some excellent Barbel, Bream, Chub, Dace and Roach fishing, swims are very deep in the edge about 14 feet, moving upstream the swims shallow up to about 6 to 9 feet. Then you come to the upstream boundary, here the depth varies from 8 feet to about 12 feet again there is some excellent Barbel, Bream, Chub and Roach fishing.

This venue has produced Barbel over 16lb, Bream to over 12lb, Chub to 8lb, Dace to 12oz and Roach to 2lb over the seasons of 2019/2020.

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