River Thames, Sonning, Berkshire

This water is controlled by Barnet and District Angling Club and we have a water share agreement in place with them. Luton AC members may fish this water using their Luton AC membership book although out of our area it is well worth a visit.


The venue consists of one and a quarter miles of the River Thames in Berkshire and species present are Chub, Barbel, Roach, Dace, Perch, Pike, Carp, Gudgeon and Bleak. The banks are tree lined which gives some cover and some good holding areas.

The downstream boundary is just upstream from St Patricks Stream, the first ten pegs give some excellent Chub, Barbel, Bream, Roach and Dace fishing the swims are very deep in the edge about 14 feet, but moving upstream the swims end up about 6 to 9 feet deep.


At the upstream boundary the depths vary from 8 feet to about 12 feet and again there is some excellent Chub, Barbel, Bream and Roach fishing.

We have seen Chub to 7lb 14oz, Barbel over 15lb, Perch of 4lb+, Roach to 2lb, Dace to 12oz and bream to 12lb over the last few seasons. Baits that seem to do well include hemp, caster, maggot, pellet, paste and meat.

There can be a lot of boat traffic during the summer but once you get the fish going they don't seem to be bothered by the boat traffic.

There are two locked car parks, one at St Patricks stream end and the other at Sonning road bridge end of the fishery.

If any members would like further information about this venue they can contact Barnet board member Stuart at his tackle shop London Colney Tackle on 01727 826677

Venue Post Code RG10 9TN - Click Here for Location Map