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River Ouse - The Spinney, Blunham

Another Barnet and District Angling Club water that is available to Luton AC members through a water share agreement.

The fishery on the River Ouse at the Spinney consists of a number of swims shaded by willow trees with good cover between them.


The weir is around four to five feet deep, but some swims do have deeper holes

Danger Area: Anglers proceeding upstream of the pump house should be aware of the power lines along the edge of the field, 40 to 50 feet back from the water.

Species: Roach, bream, chub, tench, perch, gudgeon, bleak and some pike 

Tips and Techniques

This water fishes well throughout the year and consistently throws up both good bags of fish and good sized fish. Boats can be a pain in the summer time.

Venue Location Map - Click Here

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