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Luton AC Predator Match 2023/24

Following the success of our last match, Get ready for a day of thrilling predator fishing at Luton Angling Club's annual predator match!


Taking place on February 24, 2024 at South Lagoon in Wyboston, Don't miss out on the chance to compete against other angling enthusiasts and put your skills to the test! Book your place today as there are only 20 places available.

Draw 8:00am.

Match Starts at 10:00am.

Fish until 3:00pm.

Species that will qualify for weigh in will be Pike, Zander, Perch and Eels.

The entry fee is £10.00 with £5.00 going in a prize pot (Split between 1st, 2nd and 3rd places) and the other £5.00 being donated to charity (This years chosen charity is the Cystic fibrosis trust)

Non members are able to take part but will also need to pay the £10.00 standard day ticket fee in addition to the £10.00 entry fee.

You can book your place online, payment will need to be made by bank transfer or by cash to a wyboston bailiff as soon as possible to confirm your place. Payment details will be provided once you enter.


Predator Match 24th February 2024 Rules and Details for Participants

Entry Fee £10.00 (£5.00 of the entry fee will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust) with the remaining amount going into the prize fund being split into a 1st 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes. A trophy will also be awarded at the AGM.


  1. Match Open to both Luton AC Members and Day Ticket Anglers – As well as paying the £10.00 entry fee prior to the match Day Ticket Anglers must also purchase the relevant Day Ticket from the bailiff on the day Adult £10.00, Concession £5.00)

  2. Pike, Zander, Perch, and Eels all qualify for weigh in.

  3. Perch and Eels may be retained in a Keep Net. Any Pike or Zander will be weighed by a Steward immediately after capture and the weight will be recorded. The method of calling a steward will be announced before draw for order of Walk Off but will most likely involve calling a mobile number so make sure your phones are charged!

  4. Competitors shall be allowed to use up to 2 rods at a time.

  5. Matches fished rover style with anglers drawing for order of walk off. (Anglers not to pass man in front until that angler has stopped.

  6. Suitable Tackle must be used and will be subject to inspection by the stewards at any time during the match. Barbless Hooks must be used and anglers should have a minimum of a 36” Landing net.

  7. All accepted methods, including spinning/plugging/ Live and Dead baiting will be allowed)

  8. All Anglers entering the Predator match should be in possession of the proper unhooking tools. (This should include as a bare minimum, forceps and an unhooking mat.)

  9. All runs should be dealt with promptly, (gorge tactics should result in the immediate disqualification of the offender)

  10. Dead or badly damaged fish will NOT be weighed in.

  11. Fishing must not begin before the starting signal and must cease at the finishing signal.  (An angler who is playing a fish when the final signal is given will be allowed up to 15 minutes to land his catch. No fish hooked after the final signal will count.)

  12. No angler will pre-bait their swim before the start of the match.

  13. Able-bodied anglers must strike, play and land their own fish. Junior and disabled anglers must strike and play their own fish (but assistance with landing and unhooking is allowed - commonsense must prevail.)

  14. All competitors may obtain assistance from stewards to unhook fish and anyone having trouble should immediately try to summon assistance.

  15. No angler with litter at his peg will be weighed in.

  16. Any angler found to be transgressing either the code of conduct, specific match rules or endangering the quarry in the eyes of the stewards will be disqualified from the match with immediate effect.

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