Kempston Lake, Elstow, Bedford

Kempston Lake is shared with some other clubs as well as a number of syndicate members.

The lake is approx. 11 acres in extent with a fairly even depth of 10 to 12 feet. There are 36 well-spaced swims which have been well constructed using railway sleepers and are finished with wood chippings so won't get very muddy.


 As far as is known there are no features such as bars in the lake and there are no islands although a shelf runs around the perimeter a short distance out from the bank.


There currently are not many trees or bushes around the lake but trees and shrubbery have been planted and will grow over time and this will become a very nice venue.

There are 500 carp to just under 30lb, Bream to 13lb. and Tench to 12lb  The water also contains roach of up to 2lb, dace, perch and chub although as these are rarely fished for their ultimate size is not known.

Some large pike also inhabit the water but these must not be fished for

Toilets are available. (Do not defecate on the banks) and there is a variety of take away restaurants in the nearby retail park if you use these do not leave any litter.

There are 2 car parks – one at each end of the lake. These must be used and cars must not be driven round the lake. There is a 10mph speed limit.

On no account may anglers fish or even walk round the adjacent Swallow Pool.

Individual rules apply to this Lake which are set by the lake owner.

Anyone breaching these rules will be banned from the venue

  1. NEW RULE FOR 2019/20 - All anglers must have a landing net of at least 42" with them in case they hook into one of the larger fish. 

  2. Anyone found fishing here without a photo in their book will be asked to leave and be banned from the venue

  3. No Guests allowed on the venue at any time, this includes non-fishing guests. Only Membership book holders are allowed on the site.

  4. No Tents/Gazebos/Tarpaulins - Only proper Fishing Shelters/Umbrellas to be used

  5. NO DOGS

  6. Gates MUST be kept closed & locked at all times

  7. Fish only from the platforms/dedicated swims

  8. Braided links may be used but no main line braid

  9. 5 consecutive nights may be fished but then there must be a 48 hour break. THERE IS NO NEED TO BOOK ON VIA THE NIGHT BOOKING OFFICER.

  10. Maximum of Two Rods between 1st May and 1st November.

  11. No peanuts to be used

  12. No bait boats or boats of any kind,

  13. No bent or longshank nailer hooks,

  14. No Carp sacks or keepnets to be used,

  15. No fires, guns or firearms,

  16. No livebait, deadbait or spinning - Predator fishing is not Permitted

  17. Fish must be returned to the water immediately.

  18. No Wading or Swimming

  19. No Drugs, Alcohol is allowed in moderation

  20. Unaccompanied juniors under 16 are not allowed. Children with anglers may float fish only and all persons on site are at their own risk as the owners will not take responsibility for any loss or injury.

  21. Adequate sized landing nets and unhooking mats are a must.

  22. All litter must be removed from the site.


Members can find the access code to the venue in the membership book.


Kempston  lake is situated opposite B & Q (MK42 7AZ) at the Interchange Park on the outskirts of Bedford between the Bedford Bypass and the Ampthill to Bedford road and is clearly visible from both roads. Access is via a locked gate on the Ampthill to Bedford road. (It is opposite a large lay-by).

Note: No Guests are permitted at Kempston Lake - Only Members are allowed at the venue. This includes non fishing guests.

Kempston Lake Aerial Video