River Ouse, Eaton Ford, St Neots

This fishery is located in the Eaton Ford area of St Neots and has been owned by Luton Angling Club since the 1950’s it was once a basket willow plantation.

Since the closure of the old power station and the subsequent building of the current gas fired replacement, the river at Eaton Ford is very similar to the River Ouse elsewhere with chub and perch being more noticeable but good sized Tench still making a regular appearance and some great Bream catches can be had. Predator fishing is also good with Pike and Zander present. 


The venue appears to have been over looked by members, possibly in favour of still water but recently Good catches of bream, perch, chub and pike have been taken at EF and plenty remain. Carp and Zander are known to be active in this stretch of the river we just need more members to make a visit and try to catch them! Night anglers would be particularly welcome as they would keep our itinerant otters and resident herons off our banks.


All non main river water at the fishery will be excavated if possible to a depth of around five feet and new swims will be provided to serve the new and older elements of the backwaters.


Associated works will include stabilising and levelling banks local to this work.


A fallen tree at the entrant to the spur from the main river has been removed to increase flow to the back water. Also planned will be the restoration of silted ponds to the immediate south of the existing backwater. The ponds are temporarily filled by winter rain but are largely dry in summer. The work will provide a permanent amphibian habitat, and therefore food for the predatory fish that breed in the adjacent reed beds on the main river.


The area’s wildlife and habitat will be of concern throughout and beyond the period of the works, measures have and will be taken to limit potential damage.  All works, under the stewardship of Dennis Hunt, have been sanctioned by the Environmental Agency and the BCN Wildlife Trust. The club is exceptionally grateful for their advice and assistance.


It is hoped the venue will have undergone full restoration by the start of the new river season 16th June 2021.


This stretch of river is subject to heavy boat traffic during the summer months.

The fishery is accessed via River Road in St Neots, Follow the track down past the Bowling Club and turn right between the Skate Park and Allotments where you will find the first locked swing arm gate followed by the second club gate at the entrance to our grass car park. Follow the tracks through the trees to the River. 


Secure Car Park and Vehicular access close to some swims.

Night Fishing is Permitted

Vehicle Access behind many swims (subject to ground conditions)

Bailiff: Stewart Thornton

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Current River Levels
(at nearest monitoring station)
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