Venue History

This venue has undergone a complete restoration thanks to a grant from the Angling Trust and a lot of work was completed during 2017 and we now have around 20 fishable swims and we hope to end up with around twenty four.

The Club purchased this one time basket willow plantation in the early 1950's and it was the club's regular winter match venue as the original Little Barford power station used the water from the river through its cooling towers and then discharged the warmed water back into the river.


This ensured that the temperature of the river through St.Neots was well above normal winter temperatures and the fishing benefited accordingly with good roach, bream and tench fishing all year round.


Since the closure of the old power station and the subsequent building of the current gas fired replacement, the river at Eaton Ford is very similar to the River Ouse elsewhere with chub and perch being more noticeable but good sized Tench still make a regular appearance. Predator fishing is also good with Pike and Zander present. 


This fishery is a relatively short stretch of "Left" bank between the inlet of Duloe Brook at the upstream end down to the Eaton Meadows Park and part of its length is opposite the Rush Meadows Camping and Caravanning Park situated on the Eynesbury Bank.


The fishery will provide a variety of swims from sheltered slack at the upstream end through to deep water right under the bank in the wooded area down to rush and "cabbage" mid way down the length culminating in 8ft deep trotting swims at the downstream end.


This stretch of river is subject to heavy boat traffic during the summer months.

There is a Car Park secured by two locked club gates. The fishery is accessed via River Road in St Neots, Follow the track down past the Bowling Club and turn right between the Skate Park and Allotments where you will find the first locked swing arm gate followed by the second club gate at the entrance to our grass car park. Follow the tracks through the trees to the River. 


Night Fishing is permitted.

Bailiff: Stewart Thornton

River Ouse, Eaton Ford, St Neots

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