CLUB BYELAWS – The Board have final decision on interpretation


Temporary rules may also be imposed at certain times – see notice boards on site. Failure to adhere to the club rules may result in disciplinary action and possible expulsion from the club.



  1. Membership books to be carried at all times whilst on club waters.

  2. No litter to be left in your swim, even if it was there when you started fishing. No glass bottles or tins containing bait allowed – TAKE ALL LITTER HOME

  3. No fishing in overhead power line areas. (Expulsion if ignored).


  5. No excessive Pre-baiting or feeding on North House Lake/Beckerings Reservoir as this causes water quality problems and can lead to water closures and fish mortality.

  6. Bait boats can be used (Except on North House Lake) with consideration for others.

  7. Radios/Music Players are only allowed when using headphones.

  8. All Treble hooks must be barbless including hooks attached to lures. The use of Wire Traces is strongly advised when fishing for Pike.

  9. When Live Baiting use a max 8 silver fish up to 6 inches caught from that water only.

  10. You can only leave a swim with your equipment set up for 90 mins max. Swims must not be reserved.

  11. Baited lines in the water MUST NOT be left unattended as per EA Byelaws. Being some distance away with an alarm receiver is NOT acceptable.

  12. Only fishing shelters and umbrellas are to be used. No tents, tarpaulins or wind breaks.

  13. Carp sacks or retainers/slings may be used for a short time (no more than 30 mins.) to retain fish for photographic purposes.  Catfish must not be retained in sacks.

  14. Unhooking mats and landing nets to be of an appropriate size for the fish being sought and the venue being fished and must be used when spinning.

  15. No carp, zander, pike, barbel or catfish over 12” to be kept in a keepnet.

  16. Under no circumstances are members permitted to enter the water at any venue.

  17. Only two rods may be used (Three may be used if a special permit is purchased see p47).

  18. No matches or competitions to be held without prior approval from the club.

  19. Entry to waters ONLY via official entrances – no climbing over gates or fences.

  20. Gates to be kept closed and locked AT ALL times.

  21. Cars must only be parked in designated areas without causing obstruction.

  22. No baits in, or fishing from “no fishing areas”.

  23. No fishing whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  24. Night fishing is defined as from 1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise.

  25. Unless booked on to night fish members must vacate the venue before nightfall, No overnight camping as it deprives a member booked on use of the swim and parking space.

  26. One Non-Fishing guest is allowed per member e.g. wife/partner/child for company and the guest must occupy the same swim/bivvy.

  27. Night fishing on Beckerings and North House Lake requires booking with the Night Bookings Officer a maximum of 14 days in advance and a minimum 24 hrs before the date of the booking. See page 40 for details.

  28. Members under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult, except on the Grand Union Canal. Junior members wanting to night fish with an Adult must hold a Junior Night Ticket.

  29. 3rd rod permits can only be used on North House and Beckerings between the 1st of September and the 31st of March. See Page 47 for full details

  30. The excessive use of oil while floater fishing is not allowed. Use of dedicated fishing oils in moderation is permitted – The use of cooking and other types of oils is strictly banned.

  31. The use of Drones is not permitted at any of our venues without permission from the club.




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