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Grand Union Canal


Safe rigs must be used (no fixed leads or feeders). Rig checks may be carried out from time to time


DON'T Cast your tackle so that it lands on the deck or against the hulls of boats moored on the offside bank, chipped paintwork can be expensive to repair and hooks snagged in mooring lines can present a safety issue to boat owners.


DON'T Allow loose feed to land on boats and DO use a pole cup whenever possible.


DO Keep Noise to a Minimum.


DO Be as discreet as possible when answering the call of nature, Your umbrella can be used as a screen.


DO Be polite to boaters if they speak to you for whatever reason, being abusive or rude gives anglers a bad name and can result in complaints against the club.


DO Check your Club book for any particular rules relating to the section you are fishing, certain areas are float fishing only.


DON'T Fish closer than 25 yards from the approach to Bridges and Locks.


DO Try to fish at least 15 metres away from moored boats that have people on board and respect their privacy.


DO Choose a location away from the outside of sharp bends as these are where deep draughted craft need to travel close to the towpath and could come into contact with your gear.


DO Remember that boaters will navigate in the centre of the canal, DON'T ask them to vary from this. If you are fishing the boat channel you do so knowing that boats may pass over your swim.


DO Withdraw your line in good time when a boat approaches and keep it well clear of the craft and anyone aboard. Pole users should ship in their poles in good time and not raise them to allow boats to pass underneath as suspended tackle could cause injury to the occupants of the craft.


DON'T Block the towpath with your tackle.


DO Look out for others when casting. Especially when using an umbrella which may restrict your view.


DO Take all of your rubbish home.


DO Remember that Boats have priority at official mooring sites and you must be prepared to move.


DO Remember that other anglers do not like to be crowded by latecomers please choose a spot at least 20 yards from other anglers unless it is mutually agreed that you may fish closer.


DO Remember that Club rules prohibit Glass Bottles or Sweetcorn and Luncheon Meat Cans being taken on to the towpath


DO Park Considerately and DO NOT cause any obstructions.


DO Show consideration to other users of the canal and towpath.


DON'T fish within 30 metres of Overhead Electrical Power Lines.


LOOK OUT! & LOOK UP! - Electricity kills!

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