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Luton Angling Club - Bailiffs

The club has appointed several club bailiffs to ensure that all the rules are followed and our venues are kept safe and secure while you are fishing. All our club bailiffs hold an identity card which contains their name and photograph. The card is the same colour as the current membership book.

On our Day Ticket Waters you will be issued with an Official Day Ticket by the bailiff once the appropriate Day ticket fee has been paid. Please keep the day ticket safe as this is proof of payment.

All Committee members are also bailiffs. If approached by anyone claiming to be a club bailiff who is not listed below please contact the club on 01582 728114.

The list below shows all current club bailiffs and their primary venue. They may also check other venues from time to time.

Brian Turner - Wyboston

Warren Griffiths - Wyboston

Terry Roberts - Biddenham

Des Saunders - Biddenham

Malcolm Terry - Biddenham

Mark Sessions - Beckerings

Colin Holmes - Beckerings

Rob Thomas - Beckerings

Bob Burdiak - Lavendon

Michael Wilkins - Grand Union Canal

Andy Gladdish - Grand Union Canal

Stewart Thornton - Eaton Ford

Barry Stevenson

Neville Hunt

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