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Eaton Ford Re-Development

Our venue at Eaton Ford is slowly being redeveloped. In 2016 the venue was ery overgrown having been neglected for a number of years. With renewed interest in river angling the club decided to bring it back to its former glory and since that time a number of improvents have been made with many more in the pipeline. Bailiff team Stewart and Glen along with the club committee and work party volunteers  have really made it a great venue The current phase of the work started in March 2021 involves major works to the back water, The backwater is a man made spur from the main river which is well over 120 years old.


This stretch of water at the fishery’s north end was once a gem in the club’s venues and older members will have fond memories of it being home to exceptional fishing, particularly in winter.


It has been neglected over the past 20 years and has become over grown and heavily silted, however in spring it still becomes a nursery for hatchling fish and in winter it is home to juvenile fish, including shoals of rudd. 


Our development works will include greatly increasing the overall surface area of available fishable water and this will be achieved using earth moving plant to excavate and disperse the spoil.


All non main river water at the fishery will be excavated to a depth of five feet and new swims will be provided to serve the new and older elements of the backwaters.


Associated works will include stabilising and levelling banks local to this work. A fallen tree at the entrant to the spur from the main river will be removed to increase flow to the back water.


Also included will be the restoration of silted ponds to the immediate south of the existing backwater. The ponds are temporarily filled by winter rains but are largely dry in summer.


The work will provide a permanent  amphibian habitat, and therefore food for the predatory fish that breed in the adjacent reed beds on the main river.


The areas wildlife habitat will be of concern throughout and beyond the period of the works and measures have been and will continue be taken to limit potential damage.  All works, under the stewardship of Dennis Hunt, have been sanctioned by the Environmental Agency and the BCN Wildlife Trust. The club is exceptionally grateful for their advice and assistance.


Initiall the project was due to start in the new year but progress with the project was delayed due to high river water levels causing flooding but weather permitting it is hoped works will be completed by the end of this season and on the way to full restoration by the start of the new.


Club members are advised that in the interim period access to parts of the north end in the fishery will be restricted, however members with skills in the use of wheel barrows will be more than welcome.  Hi Vis and wellies a necessity! We will announce via facebook and our website when any work parties are planned.

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Excavation Works - March 2021


Swim Improvements  - March 2021


Grass and Wildflower Seeding and Rubbish Clearance - April 2021

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