£700 of tackle shop vouchers up for grabs + lots more reasons to renew your membership or join as a new member.

New memberships for the 2019/20 season valid from 1st June 2019 are live on the web site at where you will find a full list of category prices and options.


For Existing members our automated online renewal emails have been sent out and reminders will be sent out throughout the month we now have the new books and keys and these will be posted out to all those that joined on the 15/12 deal which SOLD OUT and to renewing members by the 1st June.

Books will be in our tackle shop outlets to purchase in the next week or so and all existing members renewing on or before 15th June will be entered into a prize draw (see below)

We have even more to offer our members in the 2019/20 season


  • Prize draw for existing members renewing for the 2019/20 season online or in a tackle shop on or before 15th June 2019. Three tackle shop outlet prizes up for grabs £250/£100/£50 with an easy qualifying question for the winners. All prizes will be from one of our tackle shop outlets. Full details will appear shortly on our web site

  • Monthly £25 tackle shop prize from one of our membership outlets for the best catch photo received each month as judged by our panel of Board members. With an easy qualifying question for the winner.

  • Weekly serviced toilets at Beckerings Reservoir and North House Lake free for members to use, no need to buy an extra key as accessed via your new 2019/20 membership key.

  • Large carp circa 30lb+ are being sourced and will be ordered for North House Lake & Beckerings Reservoir. 

  • Even more 8-10" Ide for Beckerings which have proved a big hit since they were stocked as they don’t stop feeding

  • Another 6 catfish approved for Beckerings as they become available via the EA.

  • Keys changed every year make our venues extra secure.

  • Still no premium for fishing nights on any of our waters.

  • Secure off road parking at many of our venues.

  • No Guests for the 2019/20 season its now members only except on our day ticket venues no one wants venues busy with non members taking your favourite swim/s

  • Money has now been earmarked for an otter fence at Beckerings Reservoir.

  • A locked car park for members use at a location on the Grand Union Canal hopefully finalised for early in the new season

  • Well tended Great Ouse river venues at Biddenham, Eaton Ford, Wyboston and Lavendon no jungle warfare needed to get to these river sections.

  • Another 300m of fishable bank on the River Great Ouse at Wyboston cleared during April 2019 with more to follow.

  • A completely new bailiff team at North House and Wyboston who are doing a brilliant job often patrolling during the night. 

  • More money being spent on the Wyboston track

  • 3rd rod dates now the same for Beckerings Reservoir and North House Lake

  • Photo ID prevents fraud by members passing books between friends which means more money goes into the club for stock fish etc. Now on the front cover for 2019/20 so easier for our bailiffs to check. Book is invalid without an ID photo.

  • Rule breakers will continue to be severely dealt with and we make no apology for the number of bans we imposed during the 2018/19 season which included life bans from Luton Angling Club. We hope our hard no nonsense approach makes our venues far more pleasant places to fish.

  • Affiliated to MKAA present your LAC membership book at the tackle shop to receive a discount when joining MKAA

  • Waters available for members to fish in the 2019/20 season

North House Lake Wyboston
South Lagoon Wyboston
Beckerings Reservoir Near Flitwick
Kempston Lake

Grand Union Canal 12 miles from Stoke Hammond to Pitstone

Great Ouse Biddenham
Great Ouse Eaton Ford
Great Ouse Lavendon Mill
Great Ouse Wyboston
Great Ouse Chellington Harrold
Great Ouse The Spinney Blunham
Great Ouse Hambarn Blunham
River Ivel Twin Bridges Blunham
River Thames Sonning
River Nene Embankment Wellingborough
River Nene Ditchford Main
River Nene Ditchford Backbrook
River Nene Hardwater Mill
River Ise Wellingborough
River Ouzel Leighton Buzzard
Ledburn Brook Leighton Buzzard