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Welcome to the Luton Angling Club Website. The club was formed in 1922 and now has nearly 500 members. We offer a varied range of Venues including Several Lakes, River Stretches and over 12 miles of the Grand Union Canal. All of our Stillwaters and Canal Stretches are available year round.charlie-lavendon


We have a forum for club members that you have to register on the site and log in to view.
This website is updated regularly and as well as all of the latest news and information about the club you can find pictures and detailed information about all of the clubs waters, its activities and facilities.
We hope that you like what you see and we welcome any suggestions and comments, positive or otherwise and you can contact us via the Club Contacts Page.

Visit our Facebook Page and Twitter Account to keep in touch with other members and keep up to date with the latest news and information.

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Beckerings Carp Match 2016

  • icon fish 7230/05/16 The Nightbookings phone is currently out of action due to a change of network, which seems to be taking longer than expected.

  • icon fish 7209/05/16 North House Lake has been closed today in the interests of fish welfare as the carp are spawning. We will let you know when it reopens.
    icon fish 7201/05/16 Memberships for the new season, starting 1st June 2016, are now available to purchase online. For those wishing to join the club before the end of the season please contact the Membership Secretary.
  • icon fish 72Pegs 2 & 25 at Beckerings Reservoir are being rebuilt so please dont fish those pegs until the work is completed.

  • icon fish 72We would like to remind members that we no longer have parking at The Pump house and that anyone who now parks there is now trespassing.

  • icon fish 72The combination lock at Kempston Lake has been stolen and the owner has installed a new one with a different code. Anyone wanting to fish Kempston should message us with their membership number and we will let you know the new combination.

  • icon fish 72The Farmer at Beckerings has put pest control in the car park, under no circumstances should club members interfere with it.

  • icon fish 72Gary Edwards Has now taken over as Membership Secretary all membership enquiries should now be forwarded to him.

  • icon fish 72The 2015 workparty schedule has now been added to the website. Registered members of the club can now register to attend via the 'Work Party Registration' tab on the main menu.

  • icon fish 72Luton Angling Club membership books can now be purchased in shops. Visit LAC Book Holders for a full list of participating shops.

  • icon fish 72A reminder that we have a forum for club members that you have to register and log in to the site to view. The link to the forum (once logged in) is on the menu on the left hand side of the page five up from the bottom.

  • icon fish 72If you are registering on the site please fill out the form carefully and fully otherwise your registration will not complete. Please do not forget to complete the sum at the bottom of the form.

  • icon fish 72  Beware of rod license rip-off says Angling Trust Angling Trust Website

  • icon fish 72  Members are advised when it has been raining heavily to not use the Lavendon locked Car Park due to the fact that several cars have needed to be pulled out because of sodden ground.

  • icon fish 72  We would like to remind anyone fishing "Luton Angling Club day ticket waters" All our Bailiffs carry a Photo ID card and an official day ticket receipt book. If anyone approaches you without these, refuse to pay and phone the police!.


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