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Welcome to the Luton Angling Club Website. The club was formed in 1922 and now has nearly 1000 members. We offer a varied range of Venues including Several Lakes, River Stretches and over 12 miles of the Grand Union Canal. All of our Stillwaters and Canal Stretches are available year round.charlie-lavendon


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  • icon fish 72 Works at Tingrith

    The Mere.

    There are now some extensive works taking place on the Mere and Woodlands at Tingrith. The Mere now has limited access as there are works taking place to support the bank along the roadside as the Mere continues to leak across the road. When the works are concluded in around a weeks time, hopefully the road in this area will start to dry out.

    Woodlands Closure.

    Notice is given that Woodlands Lake at Tingrith will be closed from Monday 3rd November to Mon 10th November 2014 for extensive tree works. Contractors will be on site for the week cutting the dead wood and reducing the heights of the willows. Work has already started on cutting bankside Alders and vegetation.

  • icon fish 72Beckerings will be closed Saturday 11th October for a tree cut. Beckerings and Biddenham will be closed on Sunday 12th of October for Matches

  • icon fish 72The Keys that were found have now been returned to their owner.

  • icon fish 72We would like to quash the rumour that we will be losing the water share with Vauxhall's at Tingrith. We have contacted Vauxhall's and have been informed there is no weight behind this rumour what so ever.

  • icon fish 72Friendly Reminder that those who purchased the 3rd Rod Ticket will be able to use them from 1st November.

  • icon fish 72Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the website being down, unfortunately we received a corrupt update. The site should now be back at full power and if there are any remaining errors that you come across please let us know.

  • icon fish 72We had a member informing of rule breaking and lack of courtesy towards other members ( see forwarded email).
    I have contacted the member with some advice mainly to avoid any confrontation.

    1) When both sides of a water are occupied their swim extends out to the middle of the water.
    2) Members should not interfere with other legitimate water users ie casting / baiting into their swim
    3) Leaving rods unattended it is not only against club rules but also against E.A. Rules which state " It is illegal to leave rod and line unattended in the water or over which you don't have sufficient control " breaking this rule could lead to a fine of up to £50,000.

    Email received from the club member;

    Hello there,I had a trip over your north house lake this morning,got there about 6ish and by 11, I had packed up and was on my way home,reason because the carp angler opp me was casting well over half way,if the lake is 100yds wide he must have been casting 70yds,i never said anything at first because I was only fishing in the margin,but when he started firing boilies out they were coming even closer to my swim,so I reminded him about the rule,When their mate down the other end of the lake caught a fish and they all went down there and didn't come back to check the rods till 25 MINS later,that was it for me, I do not want to fish the same place as them.I have seen Terry the bailiff over there before and he does a good job,but he can not be there all the time.

  • icon fish 72Vauxhall Angling Club have had a trailer stolen from Woodlands Car Park. If anyone saw this happen or has any information regarding this, please contact Vauxhall Angling Club.

  • icon fish 72Due to the acquisition of fishing rights to two further waters, Luton AC will not be offering a winter membership this year.

  • icon fish 72Luton Angling Club membership books can now be purchased in shops. Visit LAC Book Holders for a full list of participating shops.

  • icon fish 72We have received lot of enquiries asking to confirm the status of the 3rd Rod ticket for the coming season. Just to clarify a full time third rod ticket was mentioned at the AGM, and it'll be discussed in the next few months, but as it stands the third rod ticket runs from November to March.

  • icon fish 72The Board has agreed to allow 2 night stay's at Beckerings Reservoir on a "Trial basis" starting from the 1st of April 2014 until the end of this Club season.
  • You may "book on" under the same conditions that apply to NHL.
  • Friday and Saturday remain single night stays only!
  • There are no toilets at this venue so be responsible, there is no excuse for not going prepared.

  • icon fish 72A reminder that we have a forum for club members that you have to register and log in to the site to view. The link to the forum (once logged in) is on the menu on the left hand side of the page one down from the top.

  • icon fish 72If you are registering on the site please fill out the form carefully and fully otherwise your registration will not complete. Please do not forget to complete the sum at the bottom of the form.

  • icon fish 72  Beware of rod license rip-off says Angling Trust Angling Trust Website

  • icon fish 72  Members are advised when it has been raining heavily to not use the Lavendon locked Car Park due to the fact that several cars have needed to be pulled out because of sodden ground.

  • icon fish 72  We would like to remind anyone fishing "Luton Angling Club day ticket waters" All our Bailiffs carry a Photo ID card and an official day ticket receipt book. If anyone approaches you without these, refuse to pay and phone the police!.
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